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Over the past six months, Coco + Jase is proud to have partnered with our manufacturing collaborator: Alterations To Go, two minority woman/latin owned tailor shops located in San Antonio, Texas, by answering the community's call for masks for medical professionals at the UT Health San Antonio and beyond. Our mask prototype was designed and tested by the Head of Surgery for UT Health San Antonio & approved by UT Health San Antonio & University Health System.

To date, we single handedly fulfilled orders of over 35,000 denim masks for local and national hospitals, doctors, hospices, nursing homes, and more. While we will continue to offer our hospital-approved denim mask, we're proud to introduce our exclusive Coco + Jase mask, inspired by our hospital-approved prototype, which is washable and reusable and constructed with 2 layers of tightly-weaved premium cotton with a pocket for an optional removable filter.

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